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Trounce 1 litre


Trounce is a highly effective insecticide that uses natural ingredients to eradicate many garden pests, including: spider mites, whitefly, greenfly, blackfly, scale insect, caterpillars and mealy bugs. The main ingredient in Trounce is potassium fatty acid. The fatty acids have a devastating effect on the cell membranes of delicate soft bodied insects, weakening their outer shell and thus causing a very rapid death for many grow room pests. Trounce also contains Pyrethrins, which are naturally derived extracts of a particular strain of Chrysanthemum. Pyrethrins are powerful neurotoxins that destroy insects by attacking their nervous systems, while remaining harmless to humans when used sensibly. When the two main ingredients are combined, they work together to actively enhance each other. The potassium fatty acid in Trounce acts as surfactant which decrease the surface tension between liquids and solids, creating better overall leaf coverage and absorbtion of the pyrethrins.

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