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S.M.C Spider Mite Control


a special blend of plant extracts with non toxic properties with you the indoor grower in mind. It will eradicate the spider mite and its eggs without causing ill effect to your plants or yourself with the minimum amount of fuss, unlike many chemicals which the pest can become immune to, spidermite control kills pests every time by interfering with Their mode of respiration. The respiratory organs of the spider mite are similar to that of most insects, these are the tracheae. The tracheal system consists of a number of tubes opening to the exterior by way of spiracles or respiratory pores, and air is diffused within small fluid filled tubes that ramify over the internal organs although the smaller mites may only possess cutaneous respiratory ability,breathing directly through the skin. Usually mites are difficult to dispose of due in part to a waterproof thin epicuticle making the adherence of pesticide difficult if not impossible and allowing the pest to prosper unabated. Spidermite control circumvents the need for toxicity by simply bonding to the exoskeleton and blocking the spiracles causing death by suffocation. Any eggs treated in this manner are unlikely to hatch due to their encapsulation within the medium and their obvious inability to transpire successfully.

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