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Canadian Xpress Mighty Bloom Enhancer 5 litre


This Mighty Bloom Enhancer has been designed specifically to increase your crop’s yield potential, and gives plants everything they need to reach this level.

The formula in Mighty Bloom Enhancer helps to encourage more female flowering sites and this creates more buds for bigger yields.

Mighty Bloom Enhancer also activates natural processes within the plant. As a result, stored carbohydrates and minerals are moved around and this energy is then used for the rapidly growing plant. All this energy goes into increasing the bud weight, giving bigger buds and heavier fruits. Use in conjunction with Head Masta to further improve aromas, flavours and the overall quality of your yield.

N-P-K: 0-15-18

Directions for use:
Shake well before use. Use at a rate of 1ml/L throughout flowering period. Stop using base nutrients and increase to 5-7ml/L through weeks 6-7 and then resume your normal routine.

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