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maxibright Compact pro power pack 600w


Maxibright Compact ballasts have been the most popular choice of ballast used in the UK for many years now and that is simply because they are well known for their reliability and long lasting performance and also because they can be used with MH lamps and also HPS lamps. Maxibright Compact ballasts are designed and manufactured slightly different to most other standard core coil ballasts, as most of the components fitted inside are encapsulated in a resin that is injected into the plastic mould of the ballast. This prolongs the lifespan of the components and ensures the ballasts run silent, but it does make the ballasts quite heavy and they are prone to run slightly warmer than most other ballasts available, so they are best positioned outside of your room or tent. All in all, if you can cope with a little bit of additional heat, these Maxibright Compact ballasts are a great choice and for the price you will find they are very hard to beat.

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