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Maxibright Air-cooled Supernova shade Goldstar


Maxibright Air-Cooled Supernova 150mm Grow Light Reflector
The Maxibright Air-Cooled Supernova is suitable as a single air-cooled reflector directly linked to a 150mm LP Rhino Single Speed Fan.

Up to three 250w or 400w lights, two 600w lights or two 1000w lighting systems in a row can be ventilated using a 150mm HP Rhino single Speed Fan. The reflector is supplied with lamp holder/lead with IEC fitting (kettle lead type) to match any Ballast.

The Supernova reflector is a closed-ended reflector made of polished, hammered dimpled anodised aluminum. Comes complete with frame and toughened glass.

Dimensions - 59x44x18.5cm with 150mm inlet & Outlet spigot.

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