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I.W.S DWC 18 pot system


DWC 18-Pot Bubbler System Product Details:
DWC 18-Pot Bubbler hydroponic kits from IWS are some of the finest hydroponics systems available on the market which offer huge benefits over traditional hydroponic kits and systems, The 18-Pot IWS DWC bubbler system includes:
1 x 350 ltr tank
1 x DWC timer control unit
18 x 18 litre pre-drilled outer bucket
18 x Lid with built-in net basket
18 x Sealing gland
6 x IWS Elbow
12 x IWS Tee
30m Universal IWS Flexi-Pipe
DWC Bubbler systems save you time and work, in bubblers the roots grow in a highly oxgenated nutrient solution so there is no bags of soil, coco or pebbles to move in and out each time you just send your waste water down the drain.
When using the DWC multi-pot bubbler systems the brain bucket does all the hard work for you! To grow many plants in bubblers before meant individually filling, emptying and toping up lots of buckets each and every day, not with the IWS DWC. The brain bucket continually tops up all of your bubbler buckets for you and also allows you to empty your buckets back to the reservoir. All you need to do on a day to day basis is keep an eye on your nutrient level in the reservoir and change your water on a weekly basis.
Bubblers, Deep Water Culture, Oxypots systems or whatever you refer to them as allow you to grow plants bigger and quicker than in any other hydroponic systems. The combination of readily available nutrients and high levels of oxygen generate explosive plant growth and with the automation the DWC multi-pot system gives you, you can grow a lot of big plants with very little effort.

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