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RAM Air-Pro fan speed controller


If you want a fan speed controller that’s capable of helping you more closely manage grow room temperatures and are keen to avoid doing any wiring then check out this RAM Air-Pro unit!

The really convenient plug and play design and dimmer switch-style settings for selecting your desired air temperature and fan speed/balance combine to great effect, giving you a powerful yet easy-to-navigate product and – most importantly – a very user-friendly overall experience. It is also impressively quiet during operation, honestly, you could hear a pin drop!

Built to handle a single extractor fan and a single intake fan each with a maximum load of up to 1.4amps, the intelligent RAM Air-Pro Controller will continuously monitor indoor conditions and automatically make changes when it is necessary to help maintain your indicated preferences.

After removing the product from the packaging, mount it to a suitable surface (ideally outside of the grow room for quick and simple access), place the sensor somewhere within the plant canopy and away from direct light, and then plug in your fan(s). Next you need to adjust the temperature control switch to pick a suitable climate for your grow room (anything between 5°C and 45°C) and the fan idle speed control switch to indicate how hard they should work were the room temperature to drop below your target figure, ranging from 20% output rate (less noise generated but more time needed to correct variances) to 60% output rate (slightly more noise generated but less time needed to correct variances). The RAM Air-Pro Fan Controller uses a green light screen to display the target and actual temperatures and an LED light to show you if the target has been met (light remains on) or is being worked towards (light flashes).

Key features of the controller that set it apart from rival choices include the incomparable level of control on offer (you dictate the extraction and intake rates, i.e. the negative pressure balance), the simplicity of operation (clear user interface and no need for wiring up fans) and the overload reset button (temporarily breaks circuit to protect against power surges). Highly recommended.

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