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9" Floor air circulator


The Fresh 9 Inch Air Circulator is perfect for assisting in climate control in your grow room. The fan has three speed settings, a metal safety guard and a high velocity motor to provide you with maximum air circulation.

The Fresh 9 Inch Air Circulator is designed to rest on the floor and circulate air around a large area. It has an upright tilt adjustment of up to 90 degrees allowing you to direct your air flow in practically any direction needed.

Using an air circulator fan is important in hydroponic gardening, especially in indoor grow rooms due to the fact the air can become still and uncomfortably warm. By using an air circulator not only do you prevent air stagnation by moving the air around, you also even out the temperature across your grow room and aid in the transpiration from your plants.

These air circulators are a cost effective method of helping with climate control and are a great investment for every indoor hydroponic garden.

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